Cyclades Jewelry Product Care


  • Protect them from knocks, scratches against walls, surfaces or other jewellery and extreme cold or hot temperatures
  • Remove your jewellery before taking a shower, gardening, sport activities or swimming
  • Do not rub them against any hard surfaces and do not pull the chains or put pressure on the pieces
  • Gently clean your jewelry with a soft cloth and avoid contact with oils and creams
  • Remove your jewelry when you wash your hands
  • Avoid perfuming your jewellery or bringing them in contact with any kind of chemicals
  • Do not let them exposed to direct sunlight as this will tarnish silver
  • Place them in the Cyclades Boxes or Pouches for protection
  • Store your Cyclades pieces separately so they don’t rub against each other which will result in scratches

How to Prevent Tarnishing for Gold Vermeil Jewellery

  • All of our Gold Vermeil jewelry are 18k Gold plated over Sterling Silver with gold layers of 6 microns which is far above the industry standard to ensure durability. It is important to follow the above Product Care and storage guidelines  so your gold plated pieces can last for several years.
  • If you would like us to have your jewelry re-plated please send an email to

How to protect Gold Jewellery

  • Keep your Gold jewellery away from any chemicals. Clean them with warm water and detergent free soap. Dry your jewellery well after any contact with water