14K Gold Moon Crescent Earrings with Stars and Sapphire dust

$2,675.00 USD

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Statement 14K gold moon crescent earrings with multicolor  sapphires and stars which is part of the Celeste constellation jewellery series. 

In Ancient Greece the moon was personified as the goddess Selene. Her parents were Titans Hyperion and Theia and she was also the sister of Helios (the sun god). She could traverse the night sky in a silver chariot with two white horses. 

A moon creascent symbolises feminity and creativity. Throughout history, the moon has been associated with magic, intuition and fertility.

  • 0.78 ct Total Weight of Multicoloured Sapphires
  • White/ Blue/ Sky blue/ Pink/ Yellow/ Orange/ Red Sapphires Used
  • 10.5 gr approximately the total weight in 14K Gold
  • Layer them up with other necklaces from Petra or Constellation Collections
  • Length: 4.8 cm Width: 1.5 cm
  • Small deviation in the sapphires color might occur depending on the availability
  • Match them with the moon crescent necklace, your zodiac constellation or other necklaces from the constellation, persephone or petra collections
  • 2-4 weeks delivery time