Siren 18K Gold Mermaid Ring with Emeralds, Sapphires, Aquamarine

$3,192.00 USD

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Introducing our exquisite and enchanting mermaid cocktail ring, a true masterpiece inspired by the captivating ancient sirens that once lured sailors with their mesmerizing melodies. This one-of-a-kind ring is designed to embody the ethereal beauty of the sea and the mystical allure of mermaids.

This ring boasts a mesmerizing combination of emeralds, sapphires, and a round aquamarine, perfectly capturing the essence of the deep blue ocean. The aquamarine gemstone, with its serene and translucent hue, symbolizes the calm and vast expanse of the sea. Its captivating sparkle evokes the gentle waves and the ever-changing reflections of the water's surface.

Surrounding the aquamarine are a cluster of emeralds each carefully selected for its vivid green hue reminiscent of lush underwater gardens. These emeralds symbolize the vibrant life and hidden treasures concealed beneath the ocean's depths. Their radiant presence adds a touch of elegance and richness to the overall design.

To further enhance the allure of this mermaid-inspired ring, delicate sapphires are incorporated into the intricate design. These sapphires, resembling droplets of water, evoke the enchanting spray of the sea, capturing the essence of its ever-moving and dynamic nature.

Wearing this unique mermaid ring brings forth a sense of enchantment, allowing you to embrace your inner siren and indulge in the mystical wonders of the sea. Whether it's a special occasion or a daily reminder of your love for the ocean, this ring will undoubtedly become a cherished heirloom, passed down through generations.

Indulge in the timeless allure of the mermaid world with our one-of-a-kind ring, crafted to celebrate the beauty and mystery of the ancient sirens. Immerse yourself in the magical depths of the sea, where emeralds, sapphires, and aquamarines seamlessly blend to create an enchanting masterpiece that truly captures the essence of the ocean's allure.

  • Siren Dimensions including hand and tail: H 2.3 cm W 3.5 cm (approximately)
  • Weight: 6 grams
  • Size 6.5, 52 , L and can easily be resized
  • 1.5 carats of Natural Emeralds, Blue and Green Sapphires, a round Aquamarine
  • 18 ct Yellow Gold Hallmarked by the London Assay office of Goldsmiths
  • One of a kind
  • Organic look with an ancient charm and imperfections full of character, Handmade in London
  • Gift Packaging