Silk Scarves and Luxury Accesories: Cyclades News

Silk Scarves and Luxury Accesories: Cyclades News

Cyclades Pareo

Welcome to our online store.

Our passion for fashion, quality and art made us create Cyclades.

We design luxury unique accessories for men and women in beautiful Italy.  

Cyclades is an English company based in London that makes it's accessories at one of the best manufacturers in Italy. 

Cyclades collection comprises elegant, playful silk scarves and pocket squares with handrolled hemming as well as silky-cotton pareos that feel and look amazing.

Our accessories have bright, vivid colours and can be the perfect addition to any outfit and occasion.

We hope you enjoy wearing Cyclades as much as we do.

Don't forget to follow our page on Instagram and Facebook (links at the bottom of this page) so that you are aware of our latest additions, promotions and competitions so that you might be able to win a Cyclades scarf or wonderful gift cards and vouchers :)


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