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A collection of beautiful , timeless and fine gold and gold vermeil earrings for the modern and chic woman. Diamonds, sapphires and precious stones let these pieces of art do the talking for you.
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Gold Butterfly Earrings with Sapphires
From £472.00 - £1,424.00
18K Gold Vermeil Bohemian Pearl Eye Earrings
From £533.00 - £1,293.00
Gold Blue Topaz Pearl Diamond Eye Earrings
From £440.00 - £1,352.00
18K Gold Vermeil Green Eye Geometric Earrings
18K Gold Vermeil Blue Eye Stud Earrings
18K Gold Vermeil Artemis Earrings with diamonds
Cyclades Flower Pearl Earrings with Diamonds
From £574.00 - £825.00
Cyclades Ariadne Stud Earrings large with White & Blue Sapphires
From £722.00 - £3,080.00
Cyclades Gold Knossos Flower Earrings with Diamonds and Blue Sapphires
From £1,703.00 - £2,850.00
Cyclades Ariadne Stud Earrings with White Sapphires and Rubies
From £760.00 - £1,430.00