A collection of beautiful , timeless and fine gold and gold vermeil earrings for the modern and chic woman. Diamonds, sapphires and precious stones let these pieces of art do the talking for you.
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Cyclades Ariadne Stud Earrings large with White & Blue Sapphires
From £722.00 - £3,080.00
Hydra Snake Hoop Earrings
From £230.00 - £1,410.00
Hydra Snake Pearl Earrings
From £150.00 - £620.00
18K Gold Vermeil Bohemian Pearl Eye Earrings
From £330.00 - £1,293.00
Gold Butterfly Earrings with Sapphires
Stunning Shell Baroque Pearl Earrings
Gold Blue Topaz Pearl Diamond Eye Earrings
From £440.00 - £1,250.00
18K Gold Vermeil Green Eye Geometric Earrings
18K Gold Vermeil Blue Eye Stud Earrings
18K Gold Vermeil Artemis Flower Earrings with diamonds
Cyclades Athena 14K Gold Olive Tree Branch Earrings with diamonds
From £879.00 - £1,400.00
Cyclades Gold Knossos Flower Earrings with Diamonds and Blue Sapphires
From £1,703.00 - £2,850.00