1. Where can I buy your scarves?


Our collection is available online and we offer worldwide shipping and 14 day return policy but you can also purchase our scarves in several retail points around the world. You can check your nearest retail point by clicking the following link  




  1. How do you clean the scarves?


We recommend dry cleaning only. Clients told us that they had no issues washing them carefully in cold water but we would only recommend you to dry clean Cyclades Accessories to make sure that they will keep their vivid colours forever.


  1. Where do you make your accessories?

We make everything in Italy by using the finest fabrics and we are proud to collaborate only with the most reputable family run textile factories in Italy. We use local craftsmen who have years of experience and have worked with major fashion houses to manufacture our products and they all get paid fair. 



  1. Do you sell wholesale?


Yes we do definitely sell wholesale to selected stores and boutiques. Should you be interested in our collection please email sales@cyclades.shop


  1. I am a journalist interested to write about Cyclades who should I contact?


Please send your enquiry to press@cyclades.shop


  1. How can I wear Cyclades scarves/foulards/twilly accessories?


There are endless ways to style Cyclades. We have a video guide to demonstrate some of the basic and classic ways which is available at https://cyclades.shop/pages/how-to-wear


  1. Do you offer express shipping?


Yes we offer worldwide express shipping and our preferred courier provider is DHL Express, items ordered before 12 pm CET time usually get delivered within 1 to 2 business working days.


  1. Is the French hemming on purpose?


Yes, we are very proud of the hemming as it is rolled with special care and detail and we think it should be visible from the good side



  1. I wear my scarves all the time and sometimes on tight knots, how can I get rid of the creases?


You can use a home steamer for garments and they will look like new within 1     minute or you can also carefully Iron the scarves at a low temperature but please make sure that you will avoid ironing the handrolled hemming.


  1. Do you offer packaging for gifts?


Yes all our products come with beautiful luxury packaging and they are ready to be handed as gifts.


  1. Can you not include the invoice on the order as I would like to send an accessory directly as a gift?


Certainly we can do that just email us or write your request as a comment when you place an order with us.


  1. I saw a product on Instagram and I would like to buy it but I am not sure which one is it can you help me identifying the accessory?


Usually we tend to link the products that we showcase on our Instagram page so you can purchase directly and we also have a shoppable Instagram gallery available here:




If you still can’t find the product it might be from a previous collection or just sold out. Please send us an email at info@cyclades.shopor use the chat client to speak with a customer representative.  


  1. Can I pay in Euro’s or any other currencies than GBP £?


Yes you can certainly pay in Euros and in most of the major currencies via bank transfer. Feel free to email us your order at sales@cyclades.shopand a representative will get back to you as soon as possible.