The history of silk scarves and why they are timeless

The history of silk scarves and why they are timeless

Every woman and man will have a silk scarf on their closet if not two or more. But what is the history behind this beautiful and timeless power accessory?

Silk scarves have been worn since ancient times. In fact, their history dates back to 1300 BC where Ancient Noble and Royal Egyptians where wearing them. Queen Nefertiti known for her beauty and elegance was frequently wearing scarves around her iconic headdress. 

Silk Scarves History Cyclades Neferiti Queen

But China was also one of the ancient adopters of the scarves as was indicated by ancient military statues, a fashion tradition that seemed to continue according to historians who believe that soldiers serving Emperor Cheng were wearing them as part of their uniforms.

In later times, around the 9th century scarves were seen in ancient Rome on emperor statues. In 19th century the silk scarf started really becoming a worldwide fashion accessory by men and women. Due to the soft smooth texture, versatility and practicality it was adorned by everyone. Especially, it became a trend as various important personalities and celebrities were wearing them to enhance their style. Several notable personalities spotted wearing scarves most of the time; Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Lauren, Queen Elizabeth, Jackie Onassis, Maria Callas, Brigitte Bardot to name a few.


Silk scarves are widely recognised as the most versatile accessories. Apart from being stylish they can keep the neck warm in winter and cool in summer. It is the only luxury accessory that can be worn as silk jewellery (bracelet, necklace), headscarf, hair bandana, belt, top, shawl etc. Moreover, it always fits and it can be worn by different generations as well passed from one generation to another as it is widely known that good quality scarves will last for ages.

To see how versatile silk scarves are you can check the how to wear silk scarves guide below:







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