All our jewellery are either handmade or hand finished by using recycled gold or  silver and beautiful, high quality stones.

Our stones are handpicked by the best and selected suppliers from different parts of the world.

We are generally using the following three techniques to manufacture our jewellery depending on the complexity and the design of the project

Ancient Lost Wax Technique

The oldest technique possible used effectively thousand years ago. We are designing a piece and then creating a wax model to generate a mould, which we will then use to pour melted metal at high temperature. When the piece is ready we will cut any imperfections, file, sand, polish, solder and hammer items as necessary and set the stones. 

In some designs we set the stones in place during casting phase

For detailed pieces with several stone settings we will use 3D WAX Printing.


Metal Cutting

Designs are drawn on gold or silver and then cut, sewn and soldered as required by hand. 

Silver Clay

We will microscullpt by hand fine silver which will be then dried and fired at high temperatures. Gemstones might be set before or after firing depending on their heat resistance. Once ready, the piece will be polished, cleaned and we will prepare the areas for soldering as necessary. The piece will get pickled, cleaned again and polished to become a finished piece.

Gold Vermeil Plating

The silver metal surface will get cleaned  and prepared for thick layers of gold plating which will be applied several times to ensure long term durability. When the piece is ready an anti-tarnish cream is applied to seal the colour.


The production of the silk and cashmere blend accessories takes place in Italy by hand finishing every item and using the best fabrics. Our manufacturers work for the largest fashion houses in the world and have been in the industry for several generations.