Sustainable Mermaid Jewelry

Sustainable Mermaid Jewelry

We are almost into 2020 and the biggest change our world requires is a major ocean cleanup. There are a few brands that are taking responsibility to help clean up the oceans for a better future of our coming generations and regulating the marine ecosystem. Cyclades is one of those renowned jewelry and accessory brands that is fulfilling its ethical responsibility of taking care of the environment.

Thalassa Collection:

The Thalassa jewelry collection by Cyclades is a sustainable jewelry collection. The collection is inspired by the sea, using pearls and pearl shells to create beautiful yet affordable jewelry that is safe for the environment.

At Cyclades, recycled gold and sterling silver are used to save our planet from further damage trough mining. The mermaid jewelry collection, Amphitrite, has sea shell earrings, pearl necklaces, oyster inspired earrings and many more. All the products available in this collection are not only artistically crafted but also quite easy on the pocket. The 24k gold plated jewelry is classy and unique, which can be worn on different occasions like beach or poolside parties, weddings, or bridal showers.

This year, conscious consumption is on the rise because the Earth has suffered the consequences of our carelessness. Fast fashion or fashion accessories made up of using non-sustainable material is not appreciated because of the adverse effects of these products on our environment. Every purchase at Cyclades from their Amphitrite collection supports Big Ocean Blue which is an Ocean clean up and protection NGO. It clears the shores and deep waters of micro-plastics and non-biodegradable waste to promote cleaner oceans and healthy marine life.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on timeless mermaid jewelry while helping Ocean Conservation


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