Your One Stop Shop for Ethical Jewelry

cyclades sustainable jewellery

The recent wave of political correctness has made us realize that personal luxury isn’t everything; you have to take care of the planet as well. What if you could have both luxury and the upkeep of the planet’s health at once? Cyclades is a London-based ethical jewelry brand that allows you to wear all kinds of lush jewelry without ever worsening the situation of our homeland. Ethical jewelry brands become increasingly important for the health of the environment since they use factors such as recycling to avoid mining and smelting, too much of which is a serious danger to our planet.

First things first, it’s worth mentioning that Cyclades recycles gold and silver which is already in their inventory, which diminishes the need for harmful practices such as mining or smelting. On the topic of the craftsmanship of the said recycled gold jewelry, Cyclades comes from Greek origins which is why they often use Greek jewelry-making techniques such as filigree and granule work to add detail to their products. Their collections consist of totally timeless yet still wearable pieces of jewelry which are greatly inspired by Ancient history and are a representation of fine taste, quality, and art.

With the help of their partner Eden Reforestation Projects, planting a tree for every new order is another practice by Cyclades which is eternally helpful to the planet and its health. The ethical jewelry brand recognizes the importance of reforestation in this day and age and wastes no time before acting on it. There’s nothing wrong with positive luxury, as long as you’re not harming the environment with said luxury and taking your own steps for the planet’s betterment. These are all things that Cyclades kept in mind while manufacturing, marketing, and selling their products, which is it’ll be your one-stop-shop for ethical jewelry.


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